• Faces of the Economy

    A crowdsourced visual campaign.

  • Dynamic & Diverse

    Businesses and companies throughout the City of Delray Beach are invited to submit digital photos to be used in the new Faces of the Economy visual campaign. Designed to highlight the dynamic and diverse entrepreneurs and owners behind the businesses that fuel the Delray Beach economy, the campaign is led by the Delray Beach office of Economic Development (OED), and inspired by the work of the Downtown Development Authority.


    Companies across all industries and sectors are encouraged to participate, including corporate offices, retailers, professional and personal services, healthcare providers, restaurants, makers and manufacturers, designers, artists, nonprofit organizations, mobile vendors and home-based businesses.

    Telling Our Story

    Through Faces of the Economy, the City of Delray Beach hopes to build a library of quality images that can be incorporated into official marketing and promotional efforts, to better represent the community's vibrancy and potential . Approved photos may appear in a variety of traditional and digital platforms, such as city websites, reports, brochures, presentations, and videos, taking the place of generic stock images or photos of buildings without people.

  • Submit Your Photo

    In just 3 easy steps...



    Submit your digital photo the to Delray Beach Office of Economic Development by email.



    Complete and return the release waiver form you receive back from us, so that we have permission to use your photograph.



    Tell other entrepreneurs and business owners about Faces of the Economy, so that they can be represented, too.

  • Submission Requirements

    Photos must be at least 3 inches by 3 inches in size, with a resolution of 150 dpi or greater. Acceptable formats include JPEG, PNG, PDF and TIFF files. All business located within the Delray Beach city limits may apply, including home-based and mobile companies. All photo submissions must prominently feature the face of at least one person associated with the company and must be accompanied by the property image release form.


    For more information, call the Office of Economic Development directly at (561) 243-7009, or send us an email.

  • Social Feed

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