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  • #CoworkDelray

    A Growing Movement

    Coworking isn’t new to Delray Beach. , but the movement is growing. Local entrepreneurs and digital nomads have been working out of informal shared spaces, such as coffee shops and the public library, for a long time. Today, as our community of small businesses continues to grow and technology enables us to work beyond the traditional office space, the demand for small, flexible and shared work spaces is on the rise, as well.

    Options Abound

    There's no one-size-fits-all approach to coworking in Delray Beach. Partners in the public, private and nonprofit sectors are creating spaces of all types around town. You can find permanent and pop-up spaces, designed to connect startups, artists, and all types of working professionals and entrepreneurs. Whether you want to be in the downtown area from I-95 to the Beach, in Pineapple Grove, on Congress Avenue, or along the Linton Blvd. area, there's a space just for you.

  • Places & Spaces

    Coworking options citywide

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    Delray Beach Public Library

    Convenient and Full of Resources

    With meeting rooms, computers, free internet access, events, and reference materials all under one roof, our public library is one of the original entrepreneurial spaces in town.

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    Arts Warehouse

    Art Space Coworking Art Studios | Thursdays, 9am-2:30pm

    Connect with your own creativity while making art alongside others in a welcoming atmosphere of supportive non-interference – free of all comment and critique.

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    The KTCHN

    Creative community for entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs find the convenience and support they need to fuel their startup passions in this Atlantic Avenue space.

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    Seed Workspace

    Coming soon to Linton Blvd.

    Contemporary workspaces to inspire productivity while instilling a sense order and calm.

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    Office 55 Delray

    Community and Amenities

    Office 55 combines conventional executive suites, virtual offices, and the ease of a Coworking club.

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    Regus Delray

    Coworking and Desk Space

    Regus coworking offers the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the number of desks you use. Choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like each day through a hot-desking setup, available on a first come, first served basis.

    Capital One Café Delray Beach Website

    Capital One Café

    Banking + Working + Community

    The Capital One Café in Delray Beach is an inviting, comfortable place to get some banking done, enjoy tasty Peet’s® beverages and local snacks – or just hang out with some on-the-house WiFi. Free events, money workshops and 1:1 Money Coaching Sessions are available to the public.