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iPic Opens in Delray Beach

Delray Beach CRA Helps to Build Downtown Vibrancy

The CRA is excited to announce that the IPIC Theater in downtown Delray Beach is now open!

In 2013, the CRA sold the 1.57 acre site to iPic Entertainment where the theater is now located. As part of the agreement to sell the property, iPic agreed to provide 50 public parking spaces. They also held two job fairs with the help of Career Source and targeted to have a minimum of 20% of their employees from the zip codes 33444, 33445, and 33483.

The 529-seat iPic Theater has eight screens and 42,689 sq. ft. in office space. Movie goers are provided the ultimate experience, complete with private viewing pods and discreet table service from iPic staff. Additionally, iPic Entertainment projects that approximately 65 jobs will be created as a result of the company's corporate headquarters being relocated to the downtown Delray Beach location.

As with all of the projects, the Delray Beach CRA is proud to provide facilities that help to eliminate slum and blight while also revitalizing the downtown area.

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