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Delray Beach Adds Business Navigator Services

To Help Businesses Find Their Best Path Forward

The City of Delray Beach is pleased to announce the launching of “Business Navigator” for the benefit of all businesses who are opening and growing in Delray Beach, Florida. This new level of service, provided by the Delray Beach Office of Economic Development (OED), is designed to help businesses better understand ‘who is who and what is what’ as they seek to obtain licenses, permits, approvals, utilities, inspections and other services from the City of Delray Beach.


“We have more than 18 departments, divisions and offices who on any given day are assisting our new and local businesses,” said Joan K. Goodrich, Economic Development Director. “At times, it can be overwhelming to know what’s needed and the next step in the process. OED, along with our City colleagues, will provide more clarity, guidance and advice on how to achieve a quicker, successful outcome so they can get back to running their business.”


Business Navigator is a direct response to feedback received from local small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives who explained that if they knew more about the right sequencing of City processes when they were opening or expanding, it would have helped them make better decisions with their teams.


“We realize time is precious,” stated Elizabeth Burrows, Economic Development Manager and Business Navigator. “If we can help our businesses find their best path forward more quickly, our economy will grow and as a result our community benefits.”


Businesses seeking Business Navigator services should call 561.243.7009 or email the team at

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