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    showing love to our local small businesses

    Show your love to local small businesses year-round!

    Shop Local, Dine Local, Play Local, and Keep it Local with small businesses all year long!

  • Showing the Love

    With more than 93% of Delray Beach companies having 30 or fewer employees, small business is big business in Delray Beach. Our local small business owners contribute both to our economy and to our sense of community. They are our bosses, our neighbors, our sponsors, and our friends.


    In Delray Beach "small" doesn't mean insignificant. We're proud to be home to so many entrepreneurs and innovators that work hard to be successful. We ♥ Small Biz in Delray Beach, and we work hard to show them the love everyday.


    Check the schedule below for details on events and happenings around town that can benefit your small business!

  • #GetGreen4Biz

    In May 2018, we turned Small Biz month GREEN in support of Mental Health Awareness Month!

    Healthier Delray Beach

    All Together Better

    Since 2016, Healthier Delray Beach has been promoting Mental Health Awareness Month in May. This year, we're joining forces because—just like people—businesses are better off when their owners and employees are mentally strong, and when they feel well-supported, well-connected, and well-balanced within their community.

    May 24, 2018

    Get You Green On Day

    People throughout Delray Beach wore green on May 24, 2018 to raise the visibility of Mental Health Awareness Month. Some of our favorite local small businesses joined in with special deals, promotions, and events.

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